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April 3rd 2024

Product Update

Uxcel has done it again and recently achieved great results in the design education world. We earned 66 badges in the G2 Spring 2024 Report, showing we're a top choice for learning UX/UI design. This award proves our approach to teaching design works well and keeps us as a favorite for those wanting to improve their design skills.

Uxcel's Approach to Design Education

What makes Uxcel stand out? It's our teaching approach. We believe that learning design should be both engaging and straightforward. Our platform enables everyone to understand the complexities of UX/UI design through interactive and enjoyable methods. We employ proven techniques such as active recall — testing yourself to bring information from memory at each step of the revision process—and spaced repetition, where learning sessions are spaced over time, enhancing long-term information retention. Additionally, we tailor the learning journey, concentrating on the specific needs of each learner.

Recognition in G2 Spring 2024 Report

The G2 Spring 2024 Report compares different e-Learning platforms, and getting 66 badges was a big win for us. It shows that our content and way of teaching are top-notch. It's a big compliment to the hard work we put into making sure our learners have a great experience. Here are some highlights of our wins:

  • We're an Overall Spring 2024 High Performer in eLearning Content, Online Course Providers, and Technical Skill Development for Enterprise companies.

  • We’re an Overall Spring 2024 High Performer in eLearning Content, Online Course Providers, and Technical Skill Development for Mid-market companies.

  • We’re a regional Spring 2024 High Performer in eLearning Content, Online Course Providers, and Technical Skill Development for Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Small Business companies in 20+ regions.

  • We were recognized for having the Highest Ease of Use Product in the eLearning Product category for Spring 2024.

Impact on the e-Learning Landscape

This achievement has made a significant impact on e-Learning for design. By setting new standards for quality and satisfaction, we've inspired other platforms to step up their game. Our success highlights a clear, growing need for specialized training in this digital era. As Uxcel gains more ground, the value of top-notch UX/UI training is only going to become more essential.


Earning 66 badges in the G2 Spring 2024 Report is a big deal for us. It shows our dedication to offering high-quality and innovative design education. This not only highlights how effective our platform is but also cements our place as a leader in e-Learning for design.

Looking ahead, we're thrilled to continue paving the path in UX/UI design education and career development.

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March 17th 2024

New Feature

Tired of one-liner feedback like "Nice work!" on design platforms that barely scratch the surface? Real growth needs more than empty praise—it demands expert insights and actionable advice.

🚀 Introducing Uxcel's Design Briefs & Showcase! 🚀

Say goodbye to shallow 'great jobs' and say hello to meaningful critique. Last year alone, over 2,000 design challenges were completed on Uxcel by our community members, sharpening their UX skills and unleashing creativity. Now, we're taking it up a notch:

✅ Transforming challenges into Design Briefs — design exercises that are not just about pretty UI, but a complete set of challenges to empower any design role. Carefully crafted to help you practice your skills at any level, and build your design portfolio.

🎨 Enter Showcase: where your projects take center stage before the entire Uxcel community, including a panel of seasoned Uxcel Experts. They're not just reviewers; they're your mentors, ready to elevate your design craft with wisdom that only experience can offer.

💎 Welcome Uxcel Experts — a select group of industry professionals committed to fostering the growth and excellence of the design community through meaningful feedback, mentorship, and guidance.

Ready to ditch doom scrolling for active growth? Get started on Design Briefs, showcase your mastery, and soak in the expert advice. It's not just feedback; it's fuel for your design journey, propelling your UX design skills into the stratosphere.

Take charge of your growth—practice relentlessly, embrace invaluable feedback, and with every expert tip, improve your design craft.

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March 13th 2024

New Release

Ready to take your Figma skills from 0 to 1? Our new course, Introduction to Figma, is perfect for designers eager to learn or refine their Figma expertise.

Dive into the basics, grasp essential interface components, and master collaboration techniques. Then, enhance your workflow with in-depth lessons on layer management, layout grids, and typography.Experience transformative learning with our 100% video-based exercises.

This course is designed for anyone starting their Figma journey, but it's also a great fit for experienced users aiming to polish their skills. Fill in any knowledge gaps and set yourself on the path to Figma mastery.

Become proficient in Figma, and let's make your design workflow much more fun and efficient. Discover the course today and take your Figma skills to the next level!

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February 27th 2024

Product Update

Exciting news for the academic world! 🎓 Uxcel proudly introduces Uxcel for Universities, a pioneering initiative tailored for education providers. This program bridges the crucial gap between academic study and real-world design work, offering students an interactive, industry-relevant learning experience.

With Uxcel for Universities, educators can now enrich their curriculum with over 20+ design courses and 100+ hands-on projects, all crafted by top industry experts. It's a comprehensive suite where gamified, habit-forming experiences meet robust, real-world application.

For students, this means access to a skill assessments platform to identify strengths and areas for growth, real-life design briefs for practical engagement, and the chance to earn industry-leading certifications that enhance employability.

Uxcel for Universities isn't just a tool; it's a transformational journey that prepares students for their future roles, ensuring they step into the professional world with confidence, skill, and a portfolio to impress.

Get your institution ahead of the curve. Apply to get Uxcel for your university today and empower the next generation of designers! 🚀

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February 20th 2024

Product Update

We’re excited to announce the launch of Uxcel Cares – our heartfelt initiative dedicated to empowering non-profit organizations through design education.

Uxcel Cares aims to put design education tools in the hands of those who are making a positive impact on the world. By providing free access to our top-rated UX education platform, we support job seekers, underrepresented communities, eager students, and the dedicated researchers at non-profits globally.

This initiative underscores our commitment to closing the design skills gap and fostering a community where knowledge and resources are shared generously. With Uxcel Cares, nonprofits can tap into our extensive library of interactive courses, real-world projects, and assessments – all designed to help teams grow and succeed.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and excel in design, and with Uxcel Cares, we're making that vision a reality, one organization at a time. Join us in this journey of making the world a more design-literate place.If you're part of a non-profit looking to enhance your team's design capabilities, apply to become a Uxcel Cares partner today and let's design a better future together!

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February 4th 2024

New Release

Welcome the Uxcel's Design Thinking Course – where your journey to master user-centered design begins. Immerse yourself in a course that’s set to transform the way you think about design solutions, making them not just functional but also sustainable and inclusive. With Uxcel, you delve into the intricate dance of problem definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing – the pillars of design that matter.

You’ll begin by grasping the fundamentals of design thinking, unlocking the potential to innovate within your team with a user-first mindset. As you progress, you'll master techniques for effectively identifying real-world problems and brainstorming creative, strategic solutions that hit the mark every time.

Prototyping and testing will become your playground for turning concepts into impactful realities, ensuring that every design stands up to the ultimate test: real user needs and expectations. And because the future of design is conscious and inclusive, you'll explore how to steer design thinking towards projects that resonate on a deeper level, integrating sustainability and leadership for long-term impact.

By the end of this course, you’ll not only have refined your design process but will also be ready to lead and inspire others with a design thinking approach that’s as innovative as it is responsible. Step into the role of a design thinker with Uxcel and reshape the world of design.

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January 20th 2024

New Feature

Elevate your design skills anytime, anywhere with Uxcel's Designr—your pocket-sized practice field! Our newest feature in the Uxcel Go app is here to seamlessly integrate learning into your life. Whether you have a full schedule or just five minutes to spare, Designr's interactive challenges in UI, Layout, Color, and Writing are tailored for efficiency and impact.

Imagine transforming idle moments into valuable practice sessions, honing your UX expertise with challenges crafted by industry professionals. Available on iOS and Android, Designr is your secret weapon to daily improvement without overwhelming your day.

Step into a world where your design skills grow with each swipe on your phone. Start your journey of consistent, on-the-go practice with Designr today—and watch as your design capabilities flourish one tap at a time!

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January 14th 2024

Product Update

We are proud to announce that Uxcel is honored to rank 17th in G2's Best Software Awards 2024. It's incredible to stand alongside giants like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, DataCamp and others.

It's not just a win for us, but a celebration of the transformative impact Uxcel has on enhancing the design skills within organizations globally.

As the strategic value of UX design gains recognition, Uxcel's innovative approach to UX education is equipping 130+ design teams with the knowledge to excel and lead in their markets.

A huge shout-out to our team and partners who've been integral to this journey! 🙌

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January 7th 2024

Product Update

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Uxcel 3.0, a transformative update that reinvents how you interact with our platform. With a focus on seamless usability and aesthetic simplicity, Uxcel 3.0 delivers an intuitive, distraction-free learning environment where content takes center stage. Every element has been meticulously refined to enhance focus and facilitate a more engaging educational experience.

Accessibility is a cornerstone of this update, ensuring that all learners have an equal opportunity to excel. Uxcel 3.0 is not just about a new look; it's the beginning of a series of groundbreaking enhancements. Over the next few months, we will be rolling out features that emphasize community engagement, offering more opportunities for connection, feedback, and sharing expertise.

Dive into the new Uxcel 3.0 today and discover a world where learning UX design is more intuitive and impactful than ever.

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November 29th 2023

New Release

Unlock the future of design with Uxcel's latest interactive course: AI in UX/UI Design! Discover how AI is revolutionizing the way we create and streamline our design processes.

Course Highlights:

🤖 AI-enhanced Creativity: Explore how AI boosts image creation and layout design, pushing the boundaries of visual innovation.

✍️ Efficient Content Creation: Develop your microcopy and UX writing with AI tools, refining your content strategy with speed and precision.

📊 Data-driven Insights: Harness AI for in-depth user research analysis, turning data into actionable design decisions.

🔍 Streamlined User Research: Dive into AI-powered persona and journey mapping to refine your user testing techniques.

This course is not just about leveraging technology; it’s about integrating AI in a smart and ethical manner to complement your role as a UX/UI designer. Whether it's enhancing images, speeding up workflow, or deciphering user research, AI is the powerful ally you need.Get ready to embrace AI as a core element of your creative toolkit, elevating your designs and delivering unparalleled user experiences. Sign up now and be at the forefront of AI in design with Uxcel!

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